Why You Shouldn’t Just Hire A Residential Painter For A Commercial Job

5 December 2022
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If you've got a commercial painting project, you may be tempted to hire a residential painter to do the job. You might even try to DIY the project because you have experience with residential painting already. The truth is that commercial painting is a whole different ball game from residential. The requirements and regulations for commercial facilities are much more stringent than with traditional residential jobs, so you need to make sure that whoever you hire can meet those standards. Read More 

Important Reasons To Repaint Your Home

18 October 2022
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There are a lot of maintenance issues you need to take care of around your home in order to protect its functioning, integrity, and appearance. One of the things you need to do is make sure the home is repainted when it's needed. You can learn some of the reasons why exterior painting matters so much when you read the following information on the topic:  A fresh paint job helps keep your home looking its best Read More 

The Signs Of A Bad DIY Home Paint Job

26 August 2022
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DIY painting can be pretty satisfying. After all, there's nothing like transforming the look of your home with a few cans of paint and a brush. But if you're not careful, your DIY paint job can quickly turn into a disaster. Here are a few signs that your DIY home paint job isn't going to hold up. Visible Brush Strokes One of the biggest giveaways of a bad paint job is visible brush strokes. Read More 

Signs Your Building Is Due For A New Paint Job

12 July 2022
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Commercial painting contractors are the professionals who paint the interior and exterior of your building. These professional painters can be used to paint logos, graphics, and other special designs on your building or they can be the ones you rely on for basic touch-ups of your building. While your paint job should last a long time, even a commercial painting project won't last forever. Part of your business appeal is the upgraded and modern look of your building, so if the paint is faded, peeling, dirty, uneven, or even just outdated, potential clients and customers may pass your establishment by. Read More 

Painting The Exterior Of Your Home

3 June 2022
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Painting the exterior of your home is a type of project that could possibly require a touch-up every few years depending on weather conditions and such. While painting the exterior of a house is a major type of work to undertake, it can be essential for maintaining the house. As a result, a homeowner can be well-served by investing the time to learn more about this type of maintenance. Ineffective Painting Can Leave Your Home Vulnerable to Damage  Read More