The Best Way To Paint Your Home

28 August 2017
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If you are looking for a great way to add value to your property, you should first focus on the simple home upgrades. That is, before you invest in something significant like new windows or roofing, consider simply painting your exterior walls. There are many great benefits of an exterior paint job, but one of the most prevalent is the fact that the work can be done by the homeowner, dramatically reducing the overall labor costs. If you have never painted the exterior of your house, this article will be a helpful guide because it will help you choose the best method.

Using Rollers and Brushes

When most people think of painting, they think of using brushes and rollers. This can be the most effective way to paint your exterior, but only if you have enough people working on it at once. Using paint rollers is convenient because the supplies are affordable, readily available, and just about anyone can use them. Also, using paint rollers doesn't require too much prep work because you don't need to worry about overspray. But, when it comes to actually getting paint onto the walls, using rollers is not the quickest method. It might still be time efficient if you have three or four people painting at once, but otherwise you'll want to use a spray gun.

Using a Spray Gun

The cost of a spray gun rental will probably be comparable to the cost of multiple paint rollers. The great thing about using a spray gun is that it enables you to get coverage on the walls very quickly. That is, if only one person is doing the job, you can paint the walls much quicker than if you just had one roller.

Some people are intimidated by using a spray gun, but you should not be. Not only are they cheap to rent, they are also quite easy to use. Of course, every system is a little bit different, but your rental will come with comprehensive instructions. As mentioned, using a spray gun will necessitate some more prep work. The overspray from a gun can travel many yards, especially on a windy day. You need more time and more masking materials to prep your walls before using a spray gun.

In the end, both methods can give you similar looking paint jobs. You just need to choose the method that is most time efficient and affordable for your property. Contact a contracting service, like Carpentry & Painting Experts , for more help.