3 Important Questions To Ask Before Painting Your Commercial Building

26 November 2017
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Painting your house is one thing, and it's not an easy task to begin with. Painting the exterior of a commercial building is several times more difficult, but also requires a host of other considerations that you may not need to think about when you decide to paint your house. In other words, it is not a decision you can or should take lightly. To that end, take a look below at just a few of the most important questions you should ask before beginning the process.

Does it require approval?

Not all commercial buildings are created equal. If yours is a fairly small, modern building, then you most likely do not need approval from any of city or county boards before beginning to paint. On the other hand, older buildings located in more historic neighborhoods - and certainly buildings that are registered as historic landmarks themselves - require you to submit your plans to a local board for approval. Failing to do could result in huge fines or other negative consequences. Do not assume that you can paint the property in all instances without giving notice.

Will the paint complement the architecture?

It is one thing for a certain shade or color of paint to look good on a card in a store. It is quite another for it to look appealing when it is splashed all over the exterior of a large commercial building. Be sure that the color does not overwhelm the architecture, but instead complements it. The larger the building, the more muted tones you will want to choose. On the other hand, smaller buildings can show off more distinctive colors quite easily. Bright colors should be sparingly used, but in the right circumstances they can actually emphasize the architecture more than drown it out. 

How long can it wait? 

Of course, you don't want to wait too long before beginning the painting process. On the other hand, planning ahead can save you a lot of money. One reason for this is that contractor quotes often vary throughout the year depending on demand. If you can hold off painting your commercial property until the low season, then it is likely you quote will be substantially less than it otherwise would. It is best not to rush in to the process anyway, so consider just how flexible you can be if it commercial painting is a high demand job at the moment.

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