Want To Minimize Upkeep? Pick Certain Qualities When Painting Your Kid's Bedroom

14 August 2018
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When you make plans to paint certain rooms in your home, you may not worry about reducing upkeep because you know the walls will not get that dirty. However, you should expect a lot of wear and tear on the walls when you are interested in painting your child's bedroom.

While you may be determined to hire painters from a place like Bessey  Painting to handle all the work, you should spend a while analyzing your options to make sure you get paint and walls that do not require much upkeep.


Although you could paint the walls in one solid color, you may want to provide your kid with a special bedroom. This is something that you can accomplish by putting designs on the walls. While you can make the room special by going with certain patterns, you can also get a mural.

If you want the paint job to last for a long time, you should be careful with the design that you choose because you want to make sure that your child continues to like it while growing up. What your child wants as the design may change several times over the next few years. Also, you should consider using the upper half of the wall for the intricate design to reduce overall dirt buildup.


While you may be accustomed to painting bedroom walls in a flat finish, you should consider going for a semi-gloss or gloss finish that you will be able to clean on occasion. This will prevent the walls from getting so dirty that certain areas need to be repainted to look good again.  Being able to scrub the walls down without removing paint is also essential for unique designs.

A simple paint touch-up is not too difficult to handle on your own, but you may not feel comfortable with touching up an intricate mural inside your child's bedroom.


Although you can let your kid decide the paint color for the walls, you may want to narrow down their options when you are interested in minimizing upkeep. Going with dark or neutral colors is ideal because you will find that they do a much better job at making dirt and grime blend in. If you go with white or pale colors, you may notice even the smallest specks of dirt on the walls.

Getting help with painting your kid's bedroom and making strategical choices will create a bedroom that your child loves while also making sure the walls are easy to maintain.