How To Make Your Home Feel Like An English Country Cottage

26 September 2018
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When it comes to choosing the style of your home and your interior design, you need to choose something that speaks to you and to the space you are decorating. If your home reminds you of a little cottage, for example, and you love European style, you may want to opt for an English country cottage motif. This style can be quite cozy and inviting, and can really bring a space together in unique and interesting ways. Get to know some of the ways that you can make your home feel like an English country cottage. Then you can get started right away. 

Think Pastels for the Kitchen and Bathrooms

Wall colors can be very telling when it comes to the style of a home. The right color choice can set the tone for a space. The wrong color choice can make the whole design scheme seem confused and disingenuous. 

For an English country cottage theme, pastels are a good way to go, at least in some rooms. The kitchen and the bathrooms are usually both spaces that you want to feel light and airy. Light pastel yellows, blues, pinks, or greens can help to achieve this goal. Pastels offer just a hint of color without being overwhelming or oppressive. They make spaces feel fresh and cheerful and allow you to mix and match other decor elements to bring the space to life. 

Think Textures and Variety for Living Spaces

While solid pastels are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, you want to keep things interesting in the rest of the house. It is still a good idea to stick with those lighter colors or even shades or white throughout the house for the main wall paint color. However, you will want to add in texture and variety to your decor as well. 

Choosing one wall in your living room to have wallpaper, for example, is one way you could do that. Adding a pattern to a wall, whether it is a lovely floral print or even a tartan or plaid, can create texture and depth in a room. It also adds variety which keeps the eye interested. If you do not want to put up wallpaper, an alternative would be adding stenciling to the interior paint design. Adding a border or painting a design onto the entire wall can have the same visual effect as adding wallpaper. 

You can also add these patterns to an entire room, like a bedroom if you wish. However, be careful of the pattern you choose as some that are particularly bold or busy can be overwhelming when used on all the walls. 

Now that you know just a few of the ways to make your home feel like an English country cottage, you can start your interior design work right away. Contact a service, like Integrity Painting, Inc, for more help.