Timeless Colors To Paint Your House

30 October 2018
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You want to paint your house, but you don't want to have to redo the paint in a few years because your chosen colors are dated or out of style. You want to be trending, but not so trending that you have to paint and keep up with what's modern.

So, how do you paint your house — both the inside and the outside — with colors that will last and stay popular? How do you choose timeless colors that still reflect your colorful style? Your painter will give you ideas and show you what's going to last, and you can use this guide to help you choose paint shades for your home as well.

Dusty colors

Whether you love pink or gray, choosing any color with a dusty background will help you select timeless shades. For example, instead of true green opt for a sage or hunter green, both of which have dusty backgrounds.

Instead of gray, choose slate or cement gray, which have a dust tone that won't overpower or take away from the rest of your home's appeal. What the dust undertone of paint colors does is mute the shades so they remain timeless without being overpowering. You can choose anything from a dusty purple to a dust-inspired yellow and always stay on trend.


When in doubt, choose neutral colors for your home, particularly the exterior where you don't have to paint a lot. Neutrals usually include shades of white but also include tans, browns, and many shades of grays as well. Neutral tones are ideal for your home if you plan on selling in the future — new homeowners will appreciate the understated but classic color choices — or if you will use your home as a rental in the future. Neutral tones are better for renters since people may be turned off by personal color choices but will gravitate toward neutrals.

Rich shades

Accent walls are always in style, and you can choose a rich color shade for an accent wall to give your living space more personality. Rich shades of color for a timeless appeal should always revolve around royal colors, such as blue, purple, green, yellow, or even metallic colors.

Your residential painting contractor will help you pick colors that complement one another if you want more than one shade. The right colors for your house will be timeless and always appealing so your home remains glorious inside and out.