4 Exterior Features To Paint To Improve Curb Appeal Immediately

27 December 2018
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Since the moment you bought your home, you may have thought that the curb appeal was lacking. However, your family may love the property because of the features on the inside. If you are ready to make exterior improvements, you may see an immediate boost to the curb appeal.

Taking on various painting projects is a viable option for accomplishing this goal. If you want to make sure you are satisfied with the results, you should hire a painting company to help.

Garage Door

An excellent feature to paint is the garage door because this feature often takes up a lot of space for the frontal view. While painting a one-car garage door will have a noticeable impact, you will get much more out of this paint project when you own a home with a two- or three-car garage.

If the paint is faded and chipped off in several places, you may not be interested in anything more than a simple repainting with the intention to make the garage door look new again. But, you can also go bold and creative by picking a different color to boost your property's curb appeal.

Front Door

Along with the garage door, you should not hesitate to paint the front door because it will give you another opportunity to stick with a classy look or go bold. If you do not want to take a huge risk by picking a bold color for the garage door, you can still do it with the front door. When you look around at neighboring homes, you will come across bold-colored front doors on occasion.


Another feature that you can paint is the exterior part of the windows. This is when you will benefit from hiring a painting company because they can help you with color selection to make sure the window trim and frames are painted in a color that meshes with your home's exterior.


When you look at your home from the front yard, you may notice that there are minor trim components such as the soffit, beam, and fascia that you can paint over. This is an excellent opportunity to add multiple neutral colors to your home to help with improving curb appeal. By getting professional help, you will not have to worry about painting hard-to-reach areas.

Improving your home's curb appeal can be accomplished in many ways, but you cannot go wrong with investing in several painting projects to make your home look beautiful. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at DOUGLAS HALPERN PAINTING.