Are You Creating An Elegant Living Room?

24 April 2019
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Are you remodeling the living room in your present house? Maybe you are creating an elegant living room in your brand-new house? Whatever the scenario, from selecting Venetian plaster services for your living room walls to choosing the flooring for your living room, here are some ideas that might help you.

Venetian Plaster Services - Did you first see the look of Venetian plaster in an elegant hotel or restaurant? Or, maybe you have been looking at house decor magazines in preparation for the creation of your living room. No matter where you saw the Venetian plaster for the first time, you probably knew it was love at first sight, didn't you? Maybe you thought something like, No matter what else I select for our living room, I've got to find out what this look is so that I can have it for my own. 

And, now you can do just that. If you are a hands-on person who loves to do work yourself, doing your own Venetian plaster walls will more than likely be pretty easy for you to do. Think of taking a class at your local paint store where you can get some pointers on how to do a super professional job. If you don't feel comfortable doing the Venetian plastered walls yourself, consider hiring professionals who have the training and the experience to give your walls the elegant look you want.

Have you considered the colors you want to select for the Venetian plaster? For something subtle, consider selecting two different shades of gray. For something more dramatic, think about combining mocha with terra cotta red. If you're not sure of the colors you want to select, the service that does the work for you will more than likely have many different samples of work they've done in the past. 

The Flooring - Have you decided that you want to go with carpet in your living room? That would certainly add to the elegant look you want. If you do go with carpet, select a color that will complement the colors you chose for your Venetian plastered walls. For example, if you went with the mocha with terra cotta combination, consider selecting a very light tan for your carpet.

Another good choice would be to select hardwood floors for your elegant living room. If you chose soft gray for the colors of the Venetian plaster, think of selecting a dark gray wood for the hardwood floor. If you went with something like mocha and terra cotta, dark brown might be a great choice.