Five Issues To Avoid When Painting Your Business Interior

20 October 2020
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Sometimes all your business interior needs is a new paint job. Avoiding the following issues ensures the new coat of paint lives up to your expectations.

1. Poor Color Matches

Chances are you will need to occasionally patch the paintwork inside your building due to the need for repairs. Unfortunately, future patches may stand out like a sore thumb due to bad color matching. Make sure to request some paint pots from your painters so you can have the right color on hand for future repairs. In areas that are exposed to bright light, choose lighter colors. Light colors don't fade as much as dark hues, so it will be easier to patch issues in the future and ensure a color match.

2. Sloppy Trim

Sloppy trim work makes an entire paint job look bad. Make sure the painting crew has the time and space necessary to properly tape off and prepare the space for painting. This may mean closing the business for a day or paying extra so that the painters can do the job after hours when customers and staff won't be underfoot.

3. Stain Leaks

If you have had water leaks in the past, paint alone won't cover the damage. Water and mildew stains can leach through a new paint job quickly. Fortunately, there is a fix as long as the source of the water stain has been repaired. Your painters will need to cover the area with a stain-sealing primer. Only then will paint properly cover the stain so it doesn't leach through. Primer will work on other types of stains, too, so it should be used for any commercial painting project.

4. Corner Scuffs

Corner scuffs can be hard to avoid, especially in busy areas where carts, equipment, or the bustle of passersby can slowly wear away the paint. One way you can counteract this is to install corner trim along busy entranceways. Your painters will put in the trim after the paint dries. You can use decorative trim or a clear protector trim, depending on your preferences.

5. Peeling Paint

When paint peels, you know something went wrong during painting. The issue is usually moisture. Make sure to schedule painting for the dry season, as you don't want to paint the interior of your building while humidity is high. If you must paint during high humidity, rent some dehumidifiers to help take the excess moisture out of the building while the paint is drying.

Contact a commercial painting company for more help with any painting challenges you are having.