Painting The Office? 5 Places To Find Color Inspiration

12 May 2021
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As you choose paint colors for your office, the most difficult part of the process may be getting started. With an unlimited array of colors, shades, hues, and intensities to select from, how can you find just the right combination for your office space? Here are a few places you can look to help find that perfect balance.

1. Your Branding.

The office, like every part of your business operation, should reflect the company's style and brand. In terms of paint colors, this usually means looking at the actual brand and logo to bring in colors for the office. This builds brand awareness and harmonizes various parts of the company. 

2. Color Theory.

Did you know that different colors have different effects on the human psyche? Red, for instance, can create a feeling of urgency, energy, or emotion. So it may not be an ideal color for most offices. However, blue may stimulate the mind and increase productivity — perfect for many office environments. Research the psychological effects of various colors with an eye to the emotional results you want to see. 

3. The Space Itself.

Does the building or neighborhood have its own unique charms? An office in an old industrial building in a vibrant downtown, for instance, may have many interesting features you can draw upon. Its industrial elements might complement a rustic palette with browns, slate blue, or green shades. And the interior of that building may have unalterable color schemes you should work with instead of against. 

4. Your Employees.

Office employees will spend the most time in this space. So, what do they want? Involve employees in the selection of colors as well as how to deploy them throughout the space. While owners and managers make the final selections, employees appreciate having their voice heard and will be more likely to take ownership and be proud of the renovation. 

5. The Competition.

What color schemes are already in use by your competition or nearby businesses? You don't want to be accused of copying a competitor, as this would make your company look like a follower rather than a leader. More importantly, you don't want to accidentally use any identifiable color schemes that could be close enough to result in an unwanted lawsuit. 

Want more ideas for finding inspiration for your next office color palette? Want to learn about color theory and how to use various colors from your company brand? Start by meeting with commercial painters in your area today.