Grasscloth Products And Installation Tips

10 August 2021
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Grasscloth is a hand-crafted wall covering. During the production of this type of wallpaper, bamboo, hemp, jute, reeds, or another grassy plant is woven into a cotton framework. If you want to add texture to one or more rooms in your home, choose a grasscloth product and research installation techniques.

Earthy Tones And Vibrant Colors

Each piece of grasscloth is crafted by hand. The labor-intensive process is directly related to the higher cost of grasscloth products in comparison to the cost of synthetic wall coverings. Vegetable dyes are used to add pigmentation to grasscloth. Many businesses that sell wall treatments feature a line of grasscloth products that contain earthy hues and vibrant colors.

No two rolls of grasscloth will be exactly the same. The variations between rolls may be minimal. Because products are created by hand, pigmentation may be more prominent in some areas of a sheet of wallpaper, and the tight weave style may not be perfectly executed throughout a wallcovering. Any differences in wallpaper sheets will be minor. Upon papering a room, the unique characteristics will add character and a rustic vibe to the space.

Application And Care Techniques

Grasscloth is much more delicate than synthetic wall coverings. Sharp objects that come into contact with grasscloth could puncture the material. A clear drying paste should be used to install grasspaper. If a wallpaper hanger is being hired, they will carefully take measurements of the wall space that is going to be covered and may furnish an adhesive product that will adequately secure grasscloth to walls.

Water could damage wallpaper and other liquid substances could cause staining. If you will be consulting with a paint/wallpaper contractor, they may recommend some modifications in the papering process that will minimize the risk of damage to grasscloth. For instance, you may be advised to limit the amount of paper that is hung in your bathroom and kitchen. Since water will be used in both of these rooms, the risk of damaging the grasscloth will be high.

If you decide to have this type of paper hung in these rooms, wainscoting can be installed along the bottom portion of each wall. Wainscoting is a wooden border that can be painted or stained. This material will not get damaged if water comes into contact with it.

The grasscloth can be applied to the upper part of each wall, in areas that aren't likely to come into contact with moisture. Another option is to purchase a vinyl wallpaper product that is designed to look like grasscloth. VInyl products that resemble grasscloth will contain a series of textured marks that will run horizontally or vertically along each section of paper.

Contact a company that sells grasscloth wallpaper to learn more.