Finding the Right Exterior Paint Color: What You Should Do

26 October 2021
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The color paint you use for your home could mean the difference in being the house everyone drives by and envies, or the house everyone drives by and laughs at. If you're looking for a paint color for your home, there's a lot to choose from. There are so many color options and combinations, and you want something that is going to be timeless and not overly trendy. Read on for some tips to help you make your color decision.

Look At Paint Swatches Outside

Don't look at a paint swatch inside of a store and choose your color based on the store lighting, you need to take the swatches home with you and look at them outside in the daylight. Looking at the swatches outside in the daylight can make a big difference. Some colors may appear darker when you have them outside, or they may appear lighter, or a totally different shade altogether. Look at your colors outside at different times of day to see what colors are most appealing to you.

Choose Paint Colors That Are Not Overly Trendy

You should choose colors that aren't too trendy, and that you may not like after a year or two. Just because you saw it in a magazine doesn't mean it is going to still be popular in a few years. Go with a timeless color, something that you are still going to love on your home several years down the road. Painting your house is not an easy task, nor is it cheap, so it isn't anything that you want to have to do every few years.

Look At Neighborhood Colors

Take a look around at other homes in your neighborhood to see what other colors are around that you may also like. You don't have to choose something that someone else has, but you may be able to narrow down some of the colors based on what colors you see around you. For instance, you may have always liked the color green until you see it on someone else's house up close, and you may not really care for that color any longer. You may love darker shades until you see them on a house similar to yours and realize it isn't the right choice. Look around at homes in person to see what you may like best.

If you are trying to choose paint colors for your home, and you aren't sure what to choose, consult a paint contractor for help choosing a color and painting your home as well.