Wood Siding Need An Update? What You Can Do

20 January 2023
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Wood siding can be very long-lasting if you keep up with it and perform routine maintenance on it. Wood siding can splinter, crack, warp, get damaged by pests, and can also look unsightly over time when the paint begins to peel or fade. To help maintain it and keep it looking like new, you can paint the siding and do the work that needs to be done in order to give it new life and increase its lifespan. Read on for tips to help you get your siding painted.

Repair Holes And Other Damage  

Repair your siding that pests and weather may have caused over the years. You may need to fill in small holes where carpenter bees or ants may have burrowed in, or you could have termite damage that will also need to be repaired or replaced. Other damage should also be repaired, as the painting will only highlight the damage on your siding. Make all necessary repairs, replacing wood pieces of siding that are in complete disrepair.

Remove Peeling Paint 

If your previous paint is peeling, you may need to scrape away the old paint. A pressure washer can also get this done, but you may then also need to sand down your siding, as the pressure washer jets could leave your wood siding splintered. Try to use a low setting on the pressure washer or use a paint scraper to remove the old paint where it has begun to peel or blister. You cannot paint over paint that is peeling, or you will see it through the new paint. It can also cause issues with the new paint adhering properly.

Clean Your Siding

In addition to making repairs and removing peeling paint, you should also clean your wood siding. Remove mildew and mold from your siding to prevent it from showing through on your new paint job. Use a wood siding cleaner, which may also help to remove the old paint as well. Read the manufacturer's instructions on how to use it properly. Once finished with the cleaner, be sure to rinse your siding thoroughly to ensure the cleaning product has been rinsed away, as this can cause issues with the paint adhering properly.

Begin Painting

After you have done the prep work, you can begin painting your siding. This can be a major task depending on the size of your home, or if you have a lot of obstacles to go around, such as windows and doors. Using a paint sprayer may be your best option, but this may not give you an even paint job. You can also apply the paint with a roller and paintbrushes, but this can be a lot of work for just one person. Paint your siding evenly, and step back to see if you have complete coverage so you don't have to do it more than once. Look at it in different lights as well to ensure you have full coverage.

If you have wood siding that has seen its better days, you may be able to paint it to give it new life. Hiring a professional painter can help you get this work done efficiently and properly, and will save you from a lot of extra work that you may not be prepared for. Contact house painting services today.