Benefits Of Professional Wallpaper Removal

27 July 2023
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If you are considering removing wallpaper, it can seem like a task you can do yourself. Unfortunately, even if you watch videos by professionals, there can be serious problems if you remove wallpaper yourself.

Minimize Damage

Removing wallpaper yourself is tedious and time-consuming, which can lead you to cut corners and do a poor job. Professionals have the tools and skills necessary to minimize damage to your walls. In addition to carefully removing the existing wallpaper, any remaining glue will need to be removed. The goal is to remove both layers without damaging the underlying drywall. If the wall itself becomes damaged while you try to remove the wallpaper, your costs to fix the problem rises exponentially. Instead of risking unnecessary damage, it's worth the investment to have the task done by professionals.

Identify Underlying Issues

If you remove wallpaper yourself, you might not be aware of underlying issues that can be found under the wallpaper. Unfortunately, a previous homeowner or the property manager may not be entirely honest about the condition of the property, and some people attempt to hide problems with wallpaper. A major concern lurking underneath wallpaper is water damage and resulting mold. Professionals are well aware of the possibility and know how to protect themselves from the risk associated with mold. This can include wearing protective gear and notifying you of the need for mold remediation before they can continue. There is also the risk of older walls containing asbestos, which could be disturbed if you damage the wall while removing the wallpaper. If the wall is old, it is best to err on the side of caution and treat it as though there is asbestos.

Prepare The Surface

Once the wallpaper and any residual glue are removed, the wall will need to be prepared for future projects. Whether you want to paint the wall or apply new wallpaper, the wall needs to be prepared accurately to handle the new treatment. For some people, it can be tempting to simply paint over wallpaper or apply new wallpaper over the existing wallpaper if removing the wallpaper is too difficult. If the wall is not properly prepared and then painted, the paint might bubble or flake off because it may not adhere to the underlying surface. Similarly, putting new wallpaper over a bad surface can prevent the wallpaper from sticking and there may not be a smooth application.

Wallpaper removal can feel like an easy, weekend project, but the task is more complicated for the average person to do properly. Investing in professional wallpaper removal services will not only allow you to end up with an undamaged wall, but it might also allow you to be notified of underlying issues that need additional remediation.