House Painting Tips For A Professional Look

13 December 2017
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Painting a room comes naturally to some, but for others it's a pain and may be quite difficult. That's why hiring a professional painting service makes sense, to get a professional look to your home without breaking your back trying to get the job done yourself. If you're OK with painting and want to do the job yourself, follow the tips below for a professional look. Use The Right Paint Read More 

3 Important Questions To Ask Before Painting Your Commercial Building

26 November 2017
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Painting your house is one thing, and it's not an easy task to begin with. Painting the exterior of a commercial building is several times more difficult, but also requires a host of other considerations that you may not need to think about when you decide to paint your house. In other words, it is not a decision you can or should take lightly. To that end, take a look below at just a few of the most important questions you should ask before beginning the process. Read More 

Three Changes To Your House That Will Make It Feel Like A New Home

21 September 2017
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If you have been living in your home for years now and it's come to that point where it's feeling a little bit too lived in, then you have come to the point in time where you want to spruce it up and make a few changes. By making the right changes, you can turn your old home into one that feels like you have moved into a whole different one. Read More 

The 2 Best Ways To Remove Mold Before Painting

15 September 2017
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There is often a lot of prep work that needs to be before you can do any painting. This is especially true when painting the outside of your home. With all the moisture that your exterior walls receive, there is a good chance that you might have some mold. Even mold that is barely visible should be cleaned off before you paint over it. This article explains the three most effective methods for cleaning exterior walls before painting them. Read More 

2 Basic Guidelines For Using Natural Light To Enhance Your Interior Paint Colors

14 September 2017
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When it comes to repainting the interior of your home, you've no doubt put a lot of thought into the different shades of paint that you'll use for each room. A fresh coat of paint can transform a room, giving it a whole new look and a far more modern feel. As well as the color choice, it's worth thinking about the quality of natural light that each room receives throughout the day. Read More