4 Exterior Features To Paint To Improve Curb Appeal Immediately

27 December 2018
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Since the moment you bought your home, you may have thought that the curb appeal was lacking. However, your family may love the property because of the features on the inside. If you are ready to make exterior improvements, you may see an immediate boost to the curb appeal. Taking on various painting projects is a viable option for accomplishing this goal. If you want to make sure you are satisfied with the results, you should hire a painting company to help. Read More 

Timeless Colors To Paint Your House

30 October 2018
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You want to paint your house, but you don't want to have to redo the paint in a few years because your chosen colors are dated or out of style. You want to be trending, but not so trending that you have to paint and keep up with what's modern. So, how do you paint your house — both the inside and the outside — with colors that will last and stay popular? Read More 

How To Make Your Home Feel Like An English Country Cottage

26 September 2018
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When it comes to choosing the style of your home and your interior design, you need to choose something that speaks to you and to the space you are decorating. If your home reminds you of a little cottage, for example, and you love European style, you may want to opt for an English country cottage motif. This style can be quite cozy and inviting, and can really bring a space together in unique and interesting ways. Read More 

Want To Minimize Upkeep? Pick Certain Qualities When Painting Your Kid’s Bedroom

14 August 2018
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When you make plans to paint certain rooms in your home, you may not worry about reducing upkeep because you know the walls will not get that dirty. However, you should expect a lot of wear and tear on the walls when you are interested in painting your child's bedroom. While you may be determined to hire painters from a place like Bessey  Painting to handle all the work, you should spend a while analyzing your options to make sure you get paint and walls that do not require much upkeep. Read More 

Repairing & Painting Commercial Walls

19 June 2018
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Did you get a good deal on a commercial building because it needs a substantial amount of work done? Do you want to do the renovation work on your own but have no clue how to repair the walls because they are so tall? It is actually in your best interest to leave the walls to professionals, such as a commercial painting company. You will then have the opportunity to take advantage of several services that can speed up the renovation of your commercial walls. Read More